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The Lions Club Forlė Host (...) asked Ms Rita Cappelli to work as an interpreter during the preparation of the event and during the following meeting in Munich. Therefore Ms Cappelli will be the official interpreter of the club.

Her preparation and professionalism make her a valid collaborator.

The President of the Lions Club Forlė Host

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Ms Cappelli when she was working as an interpreter at the hospital Infermi and I must say that she proved to be a valued, serious and reliable person and above all with a very nice approach to the other, being it a patient, a colleague, a nurse or a doctor.

She always appeared extremely self-confident when I saw her interpreting for our many Polish and German patients. I will be pleased to have her as my interpreter-colleague in the future too.

Ms Valia della Valle, senior interpreter, Ospedale Infermi

I had the pleasure of working with Rita on many occasions on different translation projects and I had the opportunity to experience her expertise her high level of commitment and her language skills.
I also supported Rita while she was learning Polish and I admire her great dedication and curiosity in seizing every opportunity for professional and personal development.

I can wholly recommend Rita as a lively interpreter, a tireless translator and a passionate teacher of Italian as a foreign language..

Mr Mirko Coleschi
Accredited Interpreter for the EU

To me Rita is a friend, a translator and a language teacher.
From a professional point of view she is excellent simply because she always gives her best. She is an ambitious person and this can be seen in her work: she pays attention to detail, she is on time, precise and extremely responsible. You can always rely on her.
Besides she has, in my opinion, one of the most important characteristics for someone whose work involves direct contact with people: she is charming! Everyone who has met Rita speaks of her and remembers her with a smile on her face. Often her students write to her and ask her to come back and teach them again!

Ms Heloisa Rojas Gomez, Italian language teacher

Her speaking skills are top quality. Rita offers a great service and is an excellent translator, interpreter, teacher. She is reliable, responsive and right on schedule. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Eva Kilar
Director at Infinity Business College

Rita Cappelli is a very responsible, precise and well organized person. She gives the best of herself in everything she does. She is particularly appreciated by the pupils and the teachers. Her personality had a positive impact on the students who were then more motivated in learning Italian and English.

Mrs Elżbieta Nadziakiewicz
Director of the public schools in Rymanów

Rita Cappelli is an interpreter of a high level of professionalism.
Thanks to her Italian-Polish translations the Eudajmonia foundation managed to get in touch with the Italian NGO Kara Bobowski. Her knowledge of the terminology in the field of social and work integration of people with disabilities facilitated the contacts between the two organizations and gave us the certainty of a mutual understanding, necessary in order to build future projects.

I recommend Rita Cappelli as an Italian-Polish interpreter for the high quality of her services. Furthermore, Rita Cappelli has great interpersonal skills which make working with her a real pleasure.

Marta Gawryluk
Vicepresident of the Eudajmonia Foundation

I have known Rita for several years. She is an expert in the field of translation, an Italian teacher and a great friend.
We got to know each other when she was teaching conference interpreting at the Jagiellonian University.
The whole class attended her lessons because of her professionalism and her meticulous approach.

Rita presented us the job of an interpreter from a practical point of view and explained all the critical aspects to us. Afterwards for two years we have been tandem partners Polish-Italian (also via skype) and I can state that Rita definitely has great teaching skills, furthermore, she is an extremely correct and unselfish person, always finding the time and the energy to help other people.

Alicja Boryczko
English translator

As the person responsible for the Italian section of the master degree in Specialised Translations and of the advanced courses for Translators and Conference Interpreters at the Cattedra Unesco, I had the opportunity to meet Ms Rita Cappelli. Thanks to her ability to learn quickly she managed to significantly improve her knowledge of the Polish language in a very short time. Ms Cappelli has immediately showed her skills and training, making an active contribution to the activities of our department with excellent results.

Caterina Squillace
Coordinator of the Italian Section

Rita worked at our school as a part time teacher of Italian for two years.
She was flexible in her approach to teaching and working in our school and adapted well to the demands of working in a British curriculum international school.
She established excellent relationships with all her students, who had great respect for her. We would be very happy to re-employ her in our school in the future, if the need arose, which is the greatest recommendation I can give to any future employer.

Jonathan Merrett
Head of School British Institute of Cracow

Upon request I will be happy to send references of my previous clients.